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Common Inquiries

  • What age should I bring my dog for grooming? Answer: The sooner the better! We see most dogs as young as 10-12 weeks old. The sooner they come we can start introducing them to the whole grooming process. Waiting until your dog is 6-8+ months old may make it harder for them to tolerate grooming which is needed throughout their whole life. So bring them to see us even if you just walk in for a treat and to say hi!

  • Does my dog need vaccination records to receive salon services? Answer: Yes we require current Rabies Vaccinations. We strongly recommend dogs are current on Bordetella vaccines for their protection as well as others.

  • Does my dog need to be leashed when arriving and leaving the salon? Answer: Yes, for the safety of your dog and others, dogs should come in and leave on a leash. If you forget one come in and borrow one of ours!

  • Do I need to make an appointment? Answer: Yes for a Spa Bath or Spa Groom we require an appointment. We do offer walk-in services such as nail trims, nail files, etc.

  • Do you have a weight restriction for dogs? Answer: Yes, We are currently taking dogs 80lbs or less. We currently don't have walk in tubs and Extra Large dogs don't fit well in them. However, a dog weighing more or less than 80lbs that behaves well in our tubs that we can safely get in and out will be welcome.

  • Can your groomers give me tips for maintaining my dogs coat at home? Answer: Yes we can! We understand it's hard for pet parents to always keep up with the combing and brushing. We can show you proper grooming tools for at home and prebooking appointments to help keep your dog on a schedule and coat in good shape. Just ask us we would love to help!

  • Do you service dogs who are pregnant? Answer:  Unfortunately the stress of a grooming may cause health issues with pregnancy. Due to this is it safest that we do not perform services on any dogs who are or may be pregnant.

  • If my dog starts her heat cycle should I still bring her in? Answer: Dogs in their heat cycle may be extra sensitive and rescheduling until the cycle is over is preferred.

  • How often should my dog be getting nail trims? Answer: Every 2-4 weeks depending on how long the nails are and how much they naturally wear them down by walking. 

  • Do you groom dogs that require muzzling or have history of aggressive behavior? Answer: We prefer to not muzzle dogs in the salon. However, if we need to use the muzzle we have then for short term use only. We can't groom a dog that requires muzzling the entire grooming process. If a dog has a history of grooming aggression talk to your vet about the best options for your dog as a salon atmosphere may not be best fit. We will stop services and charge for time served even if grooming isn't complete if we deem necessary.

  • How often should my dog be coming in for grooming services? Answer: We recommend dogs stay on a 6-8 week schedule for grooming. Sometimes doing a 4 week Spa Bath, then a 4 week Spa Groom works best to keep your dog's coat in good shape. The longer you want to keep the coat the more often your dog will need grooming services.

  • Do you service cats: Yes our stylist Lindsey does Cat Grooming. Call the Salon for more info!

  • Can we tip our groomer? Answer: Yes, tips are not expected appreciated!

Dog Grooming Tools
Brushing the Fur
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